HK METAL CO., LTD., since it was established in 2002, has achieved its gradual growth in domestic and overseas markets of flange with a new and innovative marketing strategy, providing its service to ship, chemical plants and other industrial equipment and products.

HK  METAL has equipped with the modern machineries, such as CNC controlled  vertical  turning  machine & précised CNC lathe and  many modernized facilities including big rolling mills.
This innovative production technology will enable HK METAL to produce various types of flanges, duly complying with user’s demand and their specific technical requirement.

As a reflection of consistent effort on cost reduction and quality improvement based on new technology development, HK METAL’S high quality products   are now facing the ever increasing demand for pipe line transmission system, shipbuilding  and  other  industrial plants.

Knowing that no such performance would been achieved without the support from its valuable customer, HK METAL CO., LTD., will  promise  its devotion in order to meet customer’s needs with top – quality products and  better service.

Sincerely yours.
D. Y., KIM / President